Custom toughened structural laminated glass floor panels manufactured by Bent and Curved Glass played a major role in Sam Crawford Architects’ innovative Light Box project winning the prestigious Viridian Vision Award for Best Residential Interiors Use of Glass 2010.  

The glass floor panels comprise of two layers including a 15mm layer and a top layer of 6mm toughened glass laminated together. The floor panels allow light to flow between the levels of an otherwise narrow and potentially dark terrace house in inner city Sydney.  

Glass proved to be the ideal functional and aesthetic solution working well within the monochromatic palette of materials used by the architect and contributing to the interplay of tactile finishes.  

Key to the success of the project is the luminosity of the glass and the sense of space it creates, according to the architects.  

Bent and Curved Glass is constantly developing new methods and techniques to meet the growing demands for flat and curved structural glass applications such as floor panels, stair treads, pool windows and wet edges, structural balustrades as well as roof and awning panels.  

Highlights of the award-winning home installation: 

  • Glass allows the structural element to achieve a visual lightness and softness while also encouraging daylight to spill through the multi levels of the residence 
  • External entry terrace glass floor incorporates an anti-slip frost seraphic frit fired into the top surface of the glass 
  • Glass floor to the landing bridge outside the bathroom includes a soft white interlayer creating a translucent luminous glow 
  • Glass floor panels replaced the original tiled front porch, letting light into a previously dark basement level kitchen and dining room