Curved laminated glass, from Bent and Curved Glass  is produced by permanently bonding two pieces of glass together with an interlayer or resin. The interlay acts to hold the glass together in the event of a breakage. Curved Laminated glass can be made up of any combination of glass types. Curved laminated glass is versatile and can be produced to meet a variety of designs. It is custom made for each project. It can be used for anything, from straight forward cylindrical curves to complex curves with flat tangents.  

Laminated Curved Safety Glass:

  • Maximum Dimensions 3660 x 2600mm
  • Glass Thickness 6mm - 19mm
  • Maximum Rise 500mm  
When specifying Curved Laminated glass, custom profiles are made for all applications. Thicknesses of 15mm and 19mm are available in cylindrical curves only, subject to what is specified. It should be noted that the viability of a design depends on the combination of glass thickness, length and depth of curve, and radius.  

Tolerances of Curved laminated glass:

  • Overall measurement +/- 2mm over 1m
  • Twisting +/- 3mm over 1m
  • Edge flatness +/- 2mm over 1m
  • Deviation of curve +/- 2mm
  • Glass thickness +/- 0.7mm