Bent & Curved Glass  is a leading Australian manufacturer of curved glass for the catering industry. In 1984 they bent the first ever food display glass, in Australia, for a Queensland based cabinet manufacturer. Since then their profile shapes and sizes have increased to suit most types of food display designs.  

All Bent & Curved Glass’ standard profiles are kept in stock in their Sydney plant and are available through their branch in Queensland or their agents in the other states of Australia. In addition, these curved glass products can exported ex works or FOB from Sydney.  

Bent & Curved Glass products cover most display cabinet needs, including hot food displays and sneeze guards. And, for safety and durability, profiles can also be supplied in laminated safety glass.  

All standard curved glass profiles for food displays are supplied in 6 mm annealed glass with a maximum length of between 1800 to 2400 mm, depending on the profile. Double-glazed units are 25 mm in thickness and laminated pieces vary in thickness from 6.78 to 22 mm according to the composition of the piece.          

To minimise time delays, products can be double-glazed by Bent & Curved Glass in house. Double-glazed units offer the benefit of a more efficient and controlled temperature environment which is important for certain types of hot and cold food display.