In recent times, just as much effort has gone into the detail design of finishes and fittings in the toilet areas of our restaurants and bars as in the more public areas.

A point in case in the recent fitout of The Argyle Bar in the Rock, Sydney where the open plan unisex toilets can be viewed from the bar and dining areas.

The 2.2m high glowing alien like urinals becomes the focal point. The toilets are designed to be a talking point and never fail to get a reaction from patrons.

The Pee Pods, as they are been christened, look like giant opaque pint glasses cut in half, to use them the men disappear behind and seem to climb inside.

The Pee Pods are the brainchild of designer Michael McCann of Dreamtime Australia Design with the finished work emerging from extensive collaboration between Di Emme Creative Solutions who fabricated the fiberglass and metal base structure and Bent & Curved Glass who produced the complex curved acid etched laminated glass outer layer or cladding.

The curved glass skin is backlit to create a glowing atmosphere reflected in the dark timber finishes around. The pods are at once a visual feature, an oversized light fixture and a functional urinal.

The innovative Bent & Curved Glass production team developed new furnacing techniques and processing methods to form the glass into the desired organic shapes.

The experienced staff at Bent & Curved Glass is available to consult with architects, designers and contractors to achieve complex and unique curved glass solutions such as these Pee Pods as well as more standard applications.