Bent and Curved Glass steps it up with a stunning frameless glass staircase installed in a recent residential project in Neutral Bay, Sydney.

A successful collaboration by Bent and Curved Glass with Jorg Hrdina Architects, engineer Matthew O’Hearne and glazing contractor Vision Glass, the glass installation has gone on to win the ‘Best Domestic Glazing Project 2013’ title at the recent NSW Glass and Glazing Association Annual Awards.

Bent and Curved Glass manufactured toughened structural laminated glass stair treads, landing and balustrades, which were installed with an innovative concealed fixing method resulting in the cantilevered panels appearing to float in mid-air.

According to project architect Dan North, the project represents a major engineering feat, as each stair tread dramatically cantilevers out from the wall. The clear sightlines achieved reduce the mass of the stair, eliminating the heavy vertical element. 

He adds that using an almost invisible material such as glass was crucial in avoiding the strong 45-degree staircase line, which would have worked against the rest of the building’s geometry.

Function is enhanced with the inclusion of an anti-slip frosted frit pattern to the top surface of the glass. The specialised DuPont SGP interlayers bonding the glass together provide increased structural capacity and higher performance without adding to overall glass thickness.

The experienced staff at Bent and Curved Glass work throughout Australia with architects, engineers, builders and contractors at all stages of the design and construction process to ensure the best glass solutions are achieved within budget and on time.