Curved glass panels from Bent and Curved Glass were installed at a private residence located in Vaucluse, NSW to help realise the vision of the architects to create a streamlined, linear and modern design. Rudolfsson Aliker Associates Architects had designed the feature curved glazing to reach out to the ocean like the bow of a ship.

Working with the fabrication contractor, Instyle Glass and Aluminium, BCG produced and successfully integrated the oversized curved glass panels within the seamless architectural detailing of the home.

The Vaucluse residence highlights the unique ability of glass to deliver spectacular views from within a living zone, while ensuring protection from the elements. BCG’s curved glass panels used in the installation have the capability to withstand the coastal winds prevalent on the seaside cliffs to one edge of this property just north of Dover Heights, in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs.

BCG’s curved laminated glass allows the glazing to wrap around seamlessly and smoothly to enclose the generous living spaces over two levels of the house while ensuring unrestricted views to the outside environment.

For the Vaucluse project’s frameless curved external fixed window glazing, BCG used 14.76mm (lower window) and 11.56mm (upper window) clear laminated curved glass, and layers of clear annealed glass with 0.76mm clear PVB interlayer along with polished long edges to suit silicone butt joints.

BCG works closely with architects and designers to ensure the successful integration of curved glass into commercial and residential architectural projects of all sizes throughout Australia.