Australia’s leading metal bending specialists Bendpro have recently added an advanced mandrel bends machine to its arsenal to deliver superior solutions to customers.

The latest in a series of five CNC machines employed by Bendpro, the new 7-axis tube bender makes intricate and complex tube bending processes accurate, fast and reliable. Bendpro’s commitment to advanced technical equipment ensures quality results, no matter the size or complexity of the job.

The five CNC machines, which are known as the most advanced tube benders in the industry enable the company to work in highly specialised bending processes, allowing for tight radius bends with no tube deformity or irregularity. Compound bending is also made possible, meaning that these machines can produce handrails, medical products, motor bodybuilding as well as other niche industrial applications.

Bendpro has 30 years of experience in the industry and has consistently been one of the leaders in pioneering the use of the latest iterations of industrial equipment. The 7-axis CNC device is yet another message that the company will continue to push the boundaries with further additions to be made in its range of tube bending devices in the near future.