Bendpro has been providing steel bending services to a wide variety of industries for over 2 decades. The company specialises in cutting-edge technology, and regularly acquires new machinery and equipment to continue producing high quality and up-to-date results without common imperfections such as wrinkles or deformation.

Bendpro's steel bending services are typically used for tubing and piping for fences and hand railing, playground equipment, motor body building, hydraulic tubing, signage and safety equipment and railings.

Compound bending services and CNC rolling processes are also available, allowing the creation of sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing products. Additionally, new equipment means that Bendpro can now offer large bore pipe steel bending services and pre-fabricated hydraulic tubing kits.

Bendpro also provides essential finishing services, including solutions for:

  • Pipe notching
  • End-forming
  • Pipe and tube processing