Marble is a popular material in building projects across commercial and residential environments. Boasting a history that goes back centuries, marble is a natural stone that introduces style, luxury and a timeless aesthetic to architectural projects. Marble continues to be a preferred choice even today in living areas, bathrooms and kitchens, and also in outdoor areas.

Below are 7 reasons why you should specify marble in your next project:

1. Remarkable history with resistance to shattering

Since classical times, white marble has been the medium of choice for master sculptors when creating their prized works, thanks to the material’s softness and resistance to shattering. With its low index of refraction of calcite, light can penetrate several millimetres into the stone before being scattered out, resulting in the characteristic waxy look, which brings marble sculptures of the human body to life. Michelangelo created all his Renaissance sculptures in marble; it was also the favourite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors as well as architects of the time.

2. Completely natural and highly durable

The world is going back to the basics with the trend toward a less processed, less synthetic environment gaining ground. Marble is truly a beautiful, natural product with a reputation for durability built up over hundreds of years. There is a certain purity to marble that has enjoyed a strong appeal for a very long time.

3. Insulation properties can save you money

An excellent insulator, marble remains relatively cool even in direct sunlight, creating a comfortable environment while reducing air conditioning costs. In winter, marble, once warmed, will retain its thermal properties and stay soft underfoot.

4. Higher asset value for your home or project

Marble oozes luxury and class – incorporating it in your home will not only add to the overall aesthetic but also increase the property’s value. Marble tiles are an excellent investment – with judicious use and good design, marble is an inexpensive way to enhance the value of a building.

5. Affordable material

While marble has always been considered an expensive material and typically associated with luxury and decadence, a strong Aussie dollar has made the natural stone more affordable now than ever before. Find out more about the cost of installing marble tiles.

6. Design versatility

Marble tiles are frequently used in bathrooms on floors, walls, shower recesses and vanity tops. In kitchens, marble is great on floors, benchtops and splashbacks. Marble floors add a luxurious touch to large living spaces. Commonly used for table tops in both indoor and outdoor settings, marble is also preferred for fire hearths and mantle-pieces.

7. A symbol of purity and immortality in folklore

In folklore, marble is associated with the astrological sign of Gemini. Pure white marble is a symbol of purity and immortality, and ensures success in education.