Bellevue Imports are pleased to present the new patented magnetic tubular passage latch by Bonaiti of Italy, a product that represents the next leap forward in door latching hardware.

No longer must there be unsightly striker plates on door jambs, or will people catch their clothes or arms on protruding latch tongues, with the BLatch magnetic tubular passage latch from Bonati Italy all these issues, and others, are addressed.

With a magnetic latch there is no visible striker plate when the door is closed, just a clean door and jamb with smooth aesthetic lines. When the door is open, there is no unsightly latch tongue protruding from the edge of the door.

In terms of opening and closing, the BLatch magnetic tubular passage latch simply requires the door lever to be pulled down, as one would with ever other latch.

These magnetic tubular passage latches are ideal for doors that swing in both directions due to the fact tha the latch is not handed, meaning it will match no matter which direction the door swings in.

Added to these features is the lack of a visible striker plate. Traditional solutions require a visible unsightly custom striker plate to be mounted to both sides of the door jamb, however with a magnetic tubular passage latch this is not the case. Furthermore, with magnetic tubular passage latches there is no need for wide custom striker plates as the magnetic tube latch tongue only engages when the magnetism of both the latch and striker meet.

The latching mechanism on magnetic latches is completely silent as there is no latch tongue to hit the striker when closing or opening the door, and also, due to the magnetic attraction to the cup in the striker plate, rather than moving parts, the BLatch magnetic tubular passage latch is highly reliable.