BeefEater BBQs  offer the Infrared Burner Technology, which has the capacity to transform the backyard barbecue into a 5 star dining experience – even for the grilling-impaired.

In addition to grilling the ideal steak in 5 minutes (charred on the outside with a medium/rare finish), the Infrared Technology from BeefEater BBQs also considerably reduces the time spent in grilling.

While normal cast iron burners release flames outwards, BeefEater BBQs’ new Infrared technology releases gas from thousands of pores upwards.

Consequently, more of the heat reaches the cooking surface resulting in an even and wider distribution of heat under the grill and less flare-ups.

“The days of steaks burnt to a crisp are long gone. Aussies will be introduced to a whole new way of barbecuing this summer,” says Peter Woodland, Managing Director of BeefEater BBQs.

“Consumers using the infrared burners will experience a more manageable and predictable cooking surface; the family barbecue will turn into a restaurant experience in the backyard.”

“The barbecue is a hostile environment when taking into account elements such gas, flame, food oils and acids,” says Peter Woodland

“It is crucial consumers look for a robust model with appropriate safety features to stand up to the environment.”

Specialised burners can be fitted to BeefEater BBQs’ Signature range and selected Discovery barbecue models.

Steps involved:

  • Bring meat to room temperature; chilled meat will be overdone on the outside before it has the chance to cook on the inside
  • Searing caramelises the surface for added flavour, the exact time will depend on the thickness of the meat; however, steaks should be turned as meat juices start to appear on surface
  • For a rare steak, remove after sealing and rest. For medium rare to medium complete cooking by further resting the meat for a longer time (2–3 minutes approximately) on a cooler part of the plate or grill
  • Avoid turning and handling the steaks too many times when searing and cooking
  • Rest meat in a warm place, loosely covered with foil. Resting prevents excessive muscle shrinkage (tightness) and moisture loss. It allows meat fibres to relax preventing dryness and evenly distributes pink juices for maximum tenderness
  • For thicker steaks (more than 4cm/1. inches), it is sometimes possible to complete the cooking by resting on a warm barbecue with the hood down