The minimalist trend is very popular in bathroom design. Guided by the ‘less is more’ maxim, the focus today is more on creating personal spaces using carefully selected features, fixtures, surfaces, finishes and colours that come together in perfect harmony. The modern bathroom exudes simplicity to create tranquil retreats from the busy world.

Here are some modern bathroom ideas from Beaumont Tiles to inspire you for your bathroom renovation.

Bright and white

In a modern bathroom, white is much more than a go-to safe colour option: White gives you a fresh and clean colour palette, and brightens up the space by making the most of the light you get. You can soften the colour by integrating marble tiles in your design scheme while keeping a luxe look.

Floating vanity

When you have decided to go minimalist, clutter is the first thing you must avoid. One way to achieve this is by installing a wall hung vanity that keeps the floor clean and clear, and enhances the lines of a modern bathroom. A floating vanity is especially ideal for smaller bathrooms.

A sense of proportion

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you should select each element after giving due consideration to its scale and placement in the overall design scheme, thereby helping maintain a sense of balance and proportion.

Open up the space

The modern bathroom is a relaxing retreat from the chaos prevailing in the outside world. The bathroom is where you come to rest and reset in a calm and soothing space. For instance, using a frameless glass shower screen at the side of the room lets the eye take in the full space.

Freestanding bath

A freestanding bath creates a strong focal point that can help tie a bathroom together – it also gives you more flexibility when it comes to placement. Pair a freestanding bath with a tower bath mixer for even more freedom.

Statement materials

While modern bathroom design treads the minimalist path, there are a lot more options today in the market when it comes to materials and finishes, ranging from gold tapware and marble tiles to natural stone baths. You can choose unusual materials to make an impressive design statement and introduce some surprising textures into your bathroom.

The third dimension

Adding three-dimensional feature tiles can be truly impactful in a modern bathroom. On-trend 3D tiles range from strong neutrals such as black and white to metallics.

Go ultra luxe

Luxury bathroom design is today defined by a minimalist sensibility rather than flamboyance. Large format slab tiles in stunning stone finishes like Onyx White are the ultimate in luxury bathrooms.

Tapware to suit

Black and white is a staple of the modern style, which is why selecting matt black taps and bathroom accessories is such a good idea. This all-inclusive modern bathroom package has been designed to flow seamlessly from the tiles to the tub, taps, vanity and even the toilet.

Bold is beautiful

While modern bathroom design is all about simplicity and subtlety, there’s no reason why you can’t add a bold element to a largely neutral palette. For instance, you could create a deep black marble feature wall or a single point of stark contrast with a flash of colour to create a strong focal point that fits in with your theme.

Subtle contrasts in texture

Add some variety and tactile interest to a cohesive modern bathroom by using texture as your point of contrast. You could team a terrazzo look tile with a timber vanity and brushed metal tapware, for example.


When your palette is black, white and grey, how about a tiny flash of gold to create a point of interest? Metallics are trending in modern bathroom design, especially on simple neutral palettes.

The wood look

The natural grain of timber adds something special to a well-designed modern bathroom. From timber look tiles to vanities, shaving cabinets and shelving, there are plenty of ways to integrate woodgrain textures into your bathroom design.

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