To understand the difference between an indoor tile and an outdoor tile, try touching the surface.

Tiles – both indoor and outdoor – are much more than a pretty face; they also play an important part in keeping you safe in areas that might have a risk of slipping. The surface of the tile may range from smooth to a light sandpaper feel with some offering a bit more resistance.

These different surface resistances are measured on a slip rating scale, which makes it easy to determine whether a tile is suitable for different indoor areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, or outdoor areas such as a patio or around a pool.

For residential purposes, Beaumont Tiles mainly uses a pendulum test, which gives a result between P0-P5, P0 being a very high slip risk and P5 very low. Check out more information about Slip Ratings on our handy things to know about tiles page.

Image: Featured tile - 1007744 Ales Light Grey CB-Porc 20mm Text Rect 600x600