Bauwerk Colour  offers a range of painting products. The brushes offered by Bauwerk Colour are made of natural fibre in order to retain the correct amount of paint and release only the required amount on the surface. This enables the painted surface to have a smooth appearance. The brushes are offered in varied sizes and colours. The customers can choose between long and short brushes as per the surface and painting requirements.

Bauwerk Colour also provides pot paints to paint vases and terracotta pots. Pot paints are non-toxic and are made from natural ingredients. The paint does not fade away, even when the pots are washed. Pot paints can also be used on masonry, stone, hypertufa and other cement containers.

Bauwerk Colour provides soaps made out of pure vegetables. The Savon Noir is made out of black olives and helps to cure lime renders and works well on terracotta floors and tiles. Bauwerk Colour also offers protection systems for tiles, stones, painted walls and metals. The PSS is one such product from Bauwerk Colour that can be applied with brush, rollers or air-spray equipment. It is safe to use as it is made out of non-toxic plant ingredients.