Baumann Meyer  is engaged in providing flat panel LCD television and LCD and plasma floor stands across the country. Baumann Meyer has been in business since 1994. Baumann Meyer offers a wide range of LCD television with the latest technology coupled with performance and functionality. Baumann Meyer also manufactures and develops LCD controller circuitry for a number of LCD manufactures.

The LCD televisions offered by Baumann Meyer are made with the Korean liquid crystal display technology supported with European technology. This enables the LCD televisions to deliver the best picture quality. The professional team at Baumann Meyer is continually engaged in the research and development process to bring out the best to its customers.

The LCD televisions offered by Baumann Meyer are portable and can be wall mounted. It weighs less as well. It is suitable to be installed at every home and office. It is suitable even for marine and caravan purposes. These televisions come with PC mode that enables the users to connect their laptop or desktop computer. This facility enhances the customers’ presentation and web browsing options. These compact LCD televisions offered by Baumann Meyer are cost effective and hold a stunning picture resolution.