Baulderstone Hornibrook  provides integrated services and solutions for civil engineering, building and development sectors. Baulderstone Hornibrook supports functions in various sectors like finance and administration, human resource, information and technology, corporate relations and communications, quality, legal, corporate governance and audits.

Clients can find a comprehensive civil engineering services from Baulderstone Hornibrook, as the firm has experienced team members working is a wide range of civil engineering services in Australia. Baulderstone Hornibrook civil engineering works includes designs, construction, maintenance and operations for various civil engineering works like tunnels, dams, bridges, structures, transport infrastructure, water and wastewater, marine works, pipelines and resource infrastructure. The integrated team at Baulderstone Hornibrook works with organisations at the ANU Exchange to make sure that the facilities meets both current and future business needs.

Baulderstone Hornibrook’s portfolio includes several Australian landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Sydney's Anzac Bridge, Brisbane's Story Bridge and the M5 East project. The experienced professional teams at Baulderstone Hornibrook are currently working on the Cross City Tunnel in Sydney, in partnership with Bilfinger Berger. Baulderstone Hornibrook has access to the latest technology and a broad range of specialist skills to successfully complete any type of project as it has global links with Bilfinger Berger.