Bathwarehouse  supplies a wide variety of bathroom products such as basins, baths, showers, tapware, door hardware, spa baths, under floor heatings and many more. All these products from Bathwarehouse are of great quality and finishes.

The basins from Bathwarehouse are categorised according to width, type, number of tap holes, manufacturer and depth-front to back. The basins in the width section are available in accordance with the width of the walls. The different types of basins from Bathwarehouse include basins with shroud, console basins, corner basins, double basins, hand wash basins, pedestal basins and sinks. The different varieties of basins from Bathwarehouse are named as Althea, Art Cream, Cynosure, Duravit, Flaminia, Panaroma, Imperial, Indusa Astro, Roca and Milleroy & Boch.

In the number of tap holes category Bathwarehouse has basins with a number of options for tap holes. It has basins without any tap holes, left tap holes basins, right tap holes basins, basins wit tap holes in the centre, basins with three tap holes in the centre, three holes in left and right. It has basins with six tap holes.