Smart plug from Bathroom Werx is a practical and cost-effective plug which is designed to fit any size waste. Smart plug is specifically designed to recognise rising water levels and to allow water drainage when a certain level is reached.

Bathroom Werx supplies bathtub and tile cleaner which is specifically formulated to clean and polish micro-glaze baked enamel surfaces. Bathtub and tile cleaner provides high gloss on all bathroom surfaces. The product can be used to clean bathtub, basin, wall tiles, shower base, shower screen, benchtop and toilet. Bathtub and tile cleaner is also designed to kill germs to provide a safe and clean environment.

For bathrooms, Bathroom Werx has produced micro glaze baked enamel solution. This enamel is applied to the prepared surfaces of bathroom which expands and contracts with sudden changes in the temperature. This expansion and contraction is up to 180 degrees which ensures long-lasting bathtubs. Micro glaze baked enamel has good adhesions properties and are resistance to impact, acid, alkali, abrasions and hot water. Bathroom Werx also offers a number of services to improve the look of bathrooms.