Bathroom Images  renovates the bathrooms in such a way that make life easier for those who are handicapped, physically challenged or elder people. The team of qualified professionals works with clients’ occupational therapist to design a safe, practical and stylish bathroom that will suit customers’ requirements.

The project manager provided by Bathroom Images takes care of the completion of the project on time minimising the fuss. Bathroom Images provides an extensive range of design solution like hydrotherapy spas, level access showers and grab rails, emergency call buttons or warning lights, walk-in showers, non-slip tiles, user friendly accessories and purpose specific toilets.

Bathroom Images creates elegant, sophisticated and soft bathrooms. The custom cabinetry designed by the company is convenient, beautiful and provides maximum storage. The custom cabinetry has tall cabinets on any one of the sides of sink area that provides eye level storage for bathrooms necessities and specifications.

The cabinetry is provided with extra deep drawers that offer out of site storage. Bathroom Images uses pure white and glossy marbles on vanity tops. Bathroom Images is a complete renovation planner and plans the complete renovation process initially, gathers information, provides appropriate consultation to the customer and then starts with the process.