Bassett  has been one of the leading players in the consulting engineering industry in Australasian market. Bassett has been successfully providing services to various sectors like defence, education, sports, tourism and the commercial industries for over seventy five years.

Bassett has been at the forefront of the construction industry in Australia. Bassett specialises in wide-ranging, integrated services for design, construction and continuous management of building projects.

Bassett provides core engineering services across mechanical, electrical, fire safety, industrial, acoustic engineering and ecological sustainability. Basset also has a large applied research division and Bassett has developed extensive expertise in risk management.

Bassett also provides engineering services in allied disciplines of communications and security; lighting and lift services and vertical transportation.

The primary areas of expertise of Bassett in mechanical engineering are air conditioning systems, piping systems, ventilation systems, central heating and cooling, building management systems, alternative and low energy systems as well as energy audits and management and conservation consultancy.