Bassett  is one of the reputed companies in mechanical and electrical consulting engineering in the Australasian region. Bassett Acoustics the acoustic engineering arm of Bassett is one of the leading acoustic consultancies in Australia.

Bassett Acoustics also specialises in noise and vibration consulting. Basset Acoustic has expertise in this highly specialised discipline and has expert staff coupled with sophisticated systems for monitoring, modelling and measurement. Bassett Acoustics provides acoustic solutions in fields like architecture; environmental; audio visual; industrial; vibration and research.

Bassett Applied Research is the research and development arm of Bassett. Bassett Applied Research has developed a Centre of Excellence in environmental design and building energy modelling using daylighting and integrated thermal simulation software along with computational fluid dynamics.

Bassett Applied Research focuses on three main speciality and service areas, Ecologically Sustainable Design, Short Term Applied Problem Solving & Research Services and Strategic Research.

Bassett also provides provide robust and value-added fire engineering design solutions to a variety of building sectors including commercial property, industrial hazard and transport infrastructure.

Bassett provides practical fire safety design advice that is supported by excellent fire engineering analysis, while developing a building design. These designs not only fulfil the client’s operational and budgetary objectives, but also meet the regulatory requirements.

The main services include performance-based fire engineering, fire protection design, process safety studies, life safety analysis, business continuity management, risk audits, asset protection and related services.