BASF - The Chemical Company has developed a large selection of precision grouts and specialty grouting products. Whatever the application, whether it is underground, under water, in aggressive temperature and chemical environments BASF can supply a high quality product to suit the client's specific needs.

Each of BASF's grout products have been developed to maximise contact and minimise voids in projects where the load bearing area is greater than 90 per cent. They include:

Natural aggregate precision grouts
Masterflow 830 and 870 both have high flow characteristics. Masterflow 830 has medium long term strength, Masterflow 870 has high final strength and is used in applications where dynamic load handling is needed.

Metal aggregate precision grout
Masterflow 880 has high flow characteristics and is ideal to use where repetitive dynamic loads are a consideration.

Epoxy grouts
Masterflow 662 and 648CP+ can both be used for thick section grouping, although Masterflow 662 has been primarily designed for thin section grouting that requires high strength. Masterflow 648CP+ has been formulated to use in areas with aggressive environments and delivers a combination of fast strength development and low heat generation when curing.