BASF – The Chemical Company , presents the MASTERTOP P-15 floor underlayments, which are ideal solutions in providing floor evenness and smoothness for medical facilities, such as hospitals.

Smoothness and evenness of floors in the hospital environment are of critical importance, especially when it comes to medical equipment manoeuvres, emergency attendances and as well as providing easy travelling passages for patients.

David Kealy, Managing Director of Allseal a Sydney-based concrete floor preparation specialist, explains how achieving that level of smooth and evenness for hospital facilities are extremely difficult during initial constructions.  The Liverpool Hospital in Sydney’s outer South-West had a lot of problems in the structures incorporating post-tensioned slabs.

“As is often the case with structures of this type, post-tensioning the slabs in the new 6-storey section of the Liverpool Hospital had resulted in some unevenness and differences in floor levels between individual sections of the building,” says Kealy.

The MASTERTOP P-15, available from BASF, resolved these problems for the Liverpool Hospital, and was able to deliver a smooth and level floor surface, which was ready for the application of vinyl flooring, tiles and carpet.  An average thickness of 8-10mm of MASTERTOP P-15 was applied to over 50,000m2 of concrete floor over Liverpool Hospital’s six floors.

“We’ve used MASTERTOP® P-15 with great success on numerous projects - including six other major hospitals - and we’ve always been extremely pleased with the results,” says Kealy.

“Most importantly, the client is also very happy with the results. The floors throughout the entire building are level, smooth and up to the required specifications.”