A new concrete floor topping solution from BASF - The Chemical Company is designed to provide industrial floors with extra heavy-duty protection against abrasion and impact.  

Environments such as waste transfer stations and industrial settings have their floors subjected to continuous punishment by equipment and vehicles causing wear and tear.  

Waste transfer stations for instance have tonnes of hard waste dropped on their concrete floors and subsequently scraped up using the blade of a dozer or heavy tractor.  

Wayne Smith, Managing Director with Queensland-based concrete finishing and coating specialists and BASF recommended Master Applicator, Multitech Floors explains that one of the biggest challenges in pit-based waste transfer facilities has been to find a concrete flooring solution with the required impact and wear resistance capabilities to not only withstand the waste being thrown into the pit, but also the wear and tear caused by the dozer or tractor blade as the waste is moved around the pit towards the collection bins or compactors.  

He says that waste transfer facilities receive tens of thousands of tonnes of waste every year, and the damage that can be caused to unprotected concrete slabs or lightweight coatings is substantial, requiring replacement in a short period of time.    

One of the major challenges facing councils, waste authorities and waste contractors throughout Australia is finding a way to get the concrete floor to withstand this daily punishment without the damage.   

MASTERTOP 230 from BASF is a heavy-duty floor topping specifically formulated for concrete floors that are subjected to heavy abrasive traffic, impact and continuous wear.  

Formulated as an iron aggregate topping, MASTERTOP 230 provides industrial floors with extra heavy-duty protection against abrasion and impact.  

In addition to waste transfer facilities, MASTERTOP 230 concrete floor topping is suitable for loading docks, aisles, truck and tractor repair areas, mill scale sluiceways as well as mining workshops with tracked vehicles.  

MASTERTOP 230 concrete floor topping is applied over correctly prepared existing hardened concrete at a thickness of 13mm – 40mm to provide an appreciably longer service life than normal high strength concrete or natural aggregate toppings.  

Key advantages of MASTERTOP 230 concrete floor topping:  

  • Lower modulus of elasticity than other toppings of equivalent compressive strength  
  • Less brittle and more resistant to dynamic loads
  • Excellent impact resistance and total energy absorbing capacity
  • Up to four times more impact resistance than plain concrete floors

Gold Coast City Council recently selected MASTERTOP 230 concrete floor topping as a flooring solution for the collection pit at its new waste transfer facility at Molendinar. The contract for the application of the new pit floor was awarded to Multitech Floors.