BASF, a leading chemical company provide a range of concrete and mortar products that provide protection and repair solutions for concrete structures which directly relate to ‘building re-use’, encouraged by the Green Building Council of Australia.

Growth in ‘green’ building practises and sustainable development has invigorated the building industry by renewed focus on improving sustainability through longevity. As such, BASF specialist concrete protection and concrete repair products have been in high demand throughout Australia and around the world. BASF construction chemical, Emaco Nanocrete been one of the concrete protection products in high demand.

It has been used in a number of high profile concrete refurbishment projects, one of which has been the Armstrong Building at the Victorian State Library. The high performance repair mortars used in the project has enabled sustainability whilst improving the environmental footprint of the building.

Brendan Mullen, Marketing Manager at BASF said that the Nanocrete range of concrete protection products and repair mortars play a major role in reducing the impact of the built environment. Ongoing innovation in materials technology, chemicals for concrete refurbishments and repair mortars ensure BASF remain leaders in this growing market.