The Brisbane Airport Link connects the CLEM7 tunnel, whose construction BASF was also involved in, at the northern bank of the Brisbane River with the main northern traffic arteries of the metropolitan area and also creates a fast transport connection to Brisbane Airport.

A 6.7km toll road runs mostly underground which incorporates a dedicated public transport section, the Northern Busway. Tunnel construction work was carried out in parts using TBMs, but also using traditional roadheaders as well as the cut and cover method.

The two Herrenknecht TBMs deployed for the project are the largest ever used in Australia, each with a diameter of 12.48 meters.

BASF’s full package solution helped the contractor to achieve an excellent result.

The soil conditioners used in the project, were Rheosoil 127 and MEYCO SLF 30. DelvoCrete Stabiliser was used for annulus grouting; and the concrete for the tunnel lining segments was optimized using Glenium ACE 30.

Approximately 120,000 cubic meters of sprayed concrete were applied using the alkali free MEYCO SA 167 and MEYCO SA 160 sprayed concrete set accelerators.

Furthermore, Glenium 270B superplasticiser was used, as well as DelvoCrete Stabilizer for hydration control. The equipment used to apply the sprayed concrete also included six MEYCO Potenza spraying mobiles.  

All tunnel construction work has been completed successfully, and Brisbane’s new Airport Link opened on 24th July 2012.