Mastertop 1230 coloured, seamless, self-smoothing architectural epoxy floor coatings, from BASF – The Chemical Company , were recently selected for use in the new Hawker de Havilland aircraft wing assembly manufacturing plant in Sydney.  

There is no margin for error when manufacturing aircraft components and the buildings that house these precision manufacturing facilities must meet a multitude of strict design and construction requirements – particularly in level flooring.  

Richard Egan, Firmstone Flooring Specialists epoxy flooring projects manager, said about selecting appropriate flooring; “The primary challenge for Hawker de Havilland’s facility was to achieve this flat and smooth finish in a refurbished facility with existing concrete slab floors.”  

“Mastertop 1230 epoxy floor coatings are easy to apply, look good and provide an extremely level and smooth floor to ensure the successful operation of the equipment,” Richard Egan added.  

“What’s more, the extremely hard-wearing nature of the floor – and the fact that it’s easy to clean and look after – also means it will stay looking good, even in a busy manufacturing environment.”