Baseplan Software  is a Microsoft gold certified partner in software development with primary business interests in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Baseplan Software primarily makes accounting software solutions for business.

The BE2004 Enterprise Hire Software solution from Baseplan Software was primarily targeted at the hire industry but with the passage of time and development of the BE2004 Enterprise Hire Software, it is now used by most industries to monitor their machine maintenance system s along with machine hire and billing.

The BE2004 Enterprise Hire Software records depreciation, service history and revenue in detail against each machine. Comprehensive machine costing reports can be generated to show the cost versus revenue of each machine for a selected period.

The BE2004 Enterprise Hire Software also has facilities to account for service jobs for external work and has the capacity to automatically bill such jobs. Hire agreements can also be entered into the BE2004 Enterprise Hire Software. This software can also track machines that have been hired out at varying rates. The BE2004 Enterprise Hire Software can generate automatic invoices either at the end of the hire period, or as a progress invoice.

The BE2004 Enterprise Hire Software also features Easy access to all fixed asset information as well as asset stock take sheets. The Excess hours that each machine has worked can also be calculated. BE2004 Enterprise Hire Software generates graphs that can show operating trends of machines by various classifications.