Barware  is a company that offers complete range of products that are required in any bar. The main aim behind setting up Barware was to enable easy access to all products that are required in a bar at one single location.

Barware offers products from reputed manufacturers to both the wholesale as well as the individual customers. Barware has a wide range of aprons, like short waisted aprons, bib apron and continental style full length aprons. Barware will embroider these aprons with custom logos.

Various cocktail accessories like cocktail plastic picks, cocktail swizzle sticks, stainless steel straw spoons and cocktail parasols are available.

Barware also has a wide range of flair bottles, cocktail kits and shakers. Barware also offers a beautiful range of neon signs for bars.

Barware offers a huge range of bar cleaning products. the range includes products like a methyl violet solution; keg coupling disinfectant soaking concentrate, ice bank font cleaner, glass wash, stainless steel cleaning oil, glass washer descaler, glass soaker/sanitiser inhibited propylene glycol and drum trolleys just to name a few. The bar cleaning range from barware will take care of the complete cleaning requirements in any bar.