CE Bartlett offers products like water services products, flexi flume irrigation, safety and defence products, winery products, sports and recreation products, roll tarps and many more. Some of the water services products supplied by CE Bartlett are Evap-Cap, Fluming, Dam Liners, Tank Liners, Bladder Tank and Culvert Sock.

Evap-Cap from CE Bartlett is a water preservation cover basically designed to avoid evaporation from water storages. CE Bartlett also offers Dam Liners to reduce water seepage and improve water quality. CE Bartlett extends Bladder Tank which is an ideal alternative for catchments and storage of rainwater. Culvert Sock from CE Bartlett prevents soil erosion of roadside embankments.

CE Bartlett has been supplying fabric products to agriculture for almost 30 years. CE Bartlett offers covers to the agricultural sector. Some of the covers are Grain Bunker covers, Haystack covers and Silage covers. Grain Bunker covers protects grain and keeps it safe in any weather. Haystack covers and Silage covers are woven polyethylene covers.

CE Bartlett also offers winery products like wine press membranes and a wide range of lay flat hose designed for water transfer, called flexi flume. CE Bartlett also extends pump line as an alternative to traditional flood irrigation methods.