Bartlett Blinds supply six road rescue and safety equipment products.

Disaster tarps
These tarps are strong, robust and lightweight. They are manufactured with evenly spaced eyelets and fabric webbing welded around their perimeter. Bulk quantities of standard sizes are available on short notice and these tarps can also be custom made to particular sizes on request.

Clear soft protection screens
This piece of safety equipment provides the victim with protection against repelling debris during a rescue operation. They also allow the rescuers constant visibility during the process. The screens are strong and come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Sharp edge covers
This safety equipment eliminates the risk of cuts and abrasions to the victim and rescue personnel from fragments of glass or raw edges during the rescue procedure. These covers are manufactured in bright colours, are lightweight and come with magnets and/or velcro and a lining that has been made from wool. They are simple to use and store.

Windscreen glass protection kits
The kit acts as a barrier between the windscreen and the crash victim, protecting them against coming into contact with any glass fragments. This safety equipment also allows light and visibility into the crash vehicle.

Safety mats
These mats provide a soft and safe landing area and are popular for use in rescue training exercises.

Rescue dummies
The dummies have a strong canvas skin with a long zipper down the spine. They can also be filled to simulate different weights to make the training exercise more realistic.