Bartco  is a reputed manufacturer of portable traffic lights. The portable traffic lights manufactured by Bartco have been created after considerable research and development. These traffic lights use the latest technologies like use of solar energy as the power source instead of traditional modes like electricity, the use of high quality light emitting diodes (LED).

The BPTSCS200 is a solar-powered, dual-trailer system designed for high visibility signalling in applications ranging from bridge repair and work zones to special events and emergency backup.

No other portable traffic signal available in the market today offers more features and benefits than the BPTSCS200 signalling system from Bartco, from energy-efficient solar powered operation to highly reliable radio-link communications, ease of setup, operation and transport.

The maintenance free BPTSCS200 from Bartco has some other great features as well, upon any break in communication the system reverts to flashing yellow. Some of the optional add-ons to the BPTSCS200 are microwave detection and remote programming control.

Bartco also manufactures and sells speed observation trailers. These speed observation trailers and equipment help in monitoring the speed of passing vehicles and thereby help in traffic management and law enforcement.

The use of these traffic management solutions from Bartco, adds to greater efficiency and time savings, which directly translates into significantly reduced expenses for the projects.