Barron & Rawson  offers a wide range of road barrier systems. Roadliner 2000 D series, a road barrier system from Barron & Rawson is a flexible road delineation system that can be used in crown control and security situations, work sites and road contours. This polyethylene made product is flexible and also easy to install. Roadliner 2000 D series from Barron & Rawson also comes with interlocking “S” design that makes it strong and applicable in wide situations.

Barron & Rawson offers various accessories such as safety infill panels and barrier end sections which are available in colours such as orange and white. In order to facilitate easy drive of water, Barron & Rawson offers water level indicators that inspect water levels. Barron & Rawson also designs tools that facilitate easy bung removal.

Blok is another product from Barron & Rawson, which is a training aid and it provides both basic training and advanced education for horse riding. This training aid from Barron & Rawson is durable, light weight and aims to provide complete training to the user. Blok can be arranged in the form of schooling and training layouts and many professional trainers, riding schools and pony clubs around the globe have been benefited by this product from Barron & Rawson.