Established in 1947 Barron & Rawson specialises in metal fabrication and toolmaking. Barron & Rawson also designs, manufactures and supplies plastic products. Theses plastic products are produced by moulding and vacuum forming and Barron & Rawson also offers custom-made products to match the specific requirements of its customers.

Barron & Rawson offers Haz-shield hazardous waste recovery capsule. This product has been designed for transportation and recovery of drugs, food and hazardous materials to provide the workers a safe working environment. Huz-shield hazard recovery capsule from Barron & Rawson is an economical option and the replaceable lid “O” ring seal is one of its unique features.

Barron & Rawson offers industrial light-weight bin lids that are easy to handle as they are made of polyethyle. This feature also makes the industrial bins strong and durable. The industrial bins from Barron & Rawson can also be customised according to individual corporate logos.

Barron & Rawson offers a wide range of toys that can be used in schools, kindergartens, playgrounds and fun parks. Bench play tray, a product from Barron & Raws has two sections namely water games and sandcastles. These easy to clean toys come with steps, slides and release valves that facilitate easy cleaning.