Austral Services Asia  offers Barrisol Lumiere, a system of ultra light ceiling material containing PVC guarantee to be free of cadmium or dioxin.

The material is available in various widths: 1,62m, 1,82m, 2,12m, 2,55m, which can be joined, using thermo high frequency welding in order to obtain areas up to 50m² in only one part.

For great surfaces, the welding can be adapted to the design. Realisable surfaces are unbounded due to the system of patented separators. Barrisol makes it possible to cover any surface.

The harpoon:
The harpoon is manufactured by extrusion. Its semi-rigid synthetic texture is welded onto the external perimeter of the ceiling, Barrisol Lumiere, in order to allow the fixing of the ceiling in the track, which is fixed to the walls.

The profiles, rails for fixing:
These contain either extruded PVC M1, or containing aluminium M0. They can be nailed or screwed on the wall or to the structure.

On the other hand, Barrisol offers the possibility to install an attachment unit pre-mounted due to the modular system of framework integrating the patented system of tracks Barrisol Star.

This system of modular and self-supporting framework allows total freedom of the design and fields of use of the Barrisol Lumiere system. It also gives the possibility of carrying out Barrisol Lumiere in 3D.