Ceilings from Barrisol Australia are made from a non flammable, light weight membrane sheet that transforms into a highly versatile solution to creating dramatic wall and ceiling effects.

Custom designed, cut, and installed, Barrisol ceilings are ideal for use in both commercial and domestic applications. They can be installed in flat, curved, vaulted or inclined designs, and are available in a variety of colours, finishes and even custom prints.

With Barrisol Imprime ­ Print Your Mind it is possible to reproduce all types of patterns, photographs, and decorations onto the sheet to create a truly personalised ceiling system that becomes a way to create an atmosphere or communicate a message.

Barrisol Imprime ­ Print Your Mind ceiling systems can be made on matt materials to obtain a traditional finish, or onto a translucent material to allow lighting to shine through from behind the printed design.

A modular, waterproof, and visually aesthetic system, the use of Barrisol is not limited to ceilings. Printed Barrisol is also perfect for personalising walls and creating luminaires and 3D forms.