Barrisol Lumiere sheeting available from Austral Services Asia can be used equally for ceilings or as a 3D luminaire or for walls.

Consisting of recyclable PVC-based sheeting, Barrisol is non-flammable, being classified as M1 in France, B1 in Germany, class 1 in the United States and Class 0 in the United Kingdom.

Barrisol Lumiere sheeting is made to measure in the factory according to measurements taken by installers using widths joined to the exact shape of the room to be fitted, producing an ideally fitting ceiling, whatever its shape or size.

Fitting Barrisol is clean without producing rubble and does not require evacuation of the room or movement of furniture.

Because of its light weight, Barrisol does not overload the building framework, will not cause injury in the event of an explosion or earthquake and can be easily transported. Extensible and retractable, Barrisol remains taut however many times it is disassembled and reassembled for access to the ceiling space.

With a high quality thermally insulated finish, Barrisol also provides good sound insulation. Unaffected by damp or condensation, it is suitable for rooms with high humidity.