With the summer storm season on it way, now could be the perfect time to consider roof tiles from Barrington Roof Tiles .

Roof tiles from Barrington are a lightweight, high-strength fully designed roofing system that combines the attractive appearance of natural slate with the benefits of modern day technology including weatherproof characteristics and UV resistance.

The Australian insurance industry has, in recent months, called for roof tiles or a roofing product durable enough to weather any storm, to drastically reduce costs incurred by hail and storm damage.

Brian Hughes, Managing Director of Barrington Roof Tiles, said that most of the damage to roofs during the summer storm season was caused by hail and strong winds. With roof tiles from Barrington, hail and debris such as tree branches bounce straight off, leaving the roof and tiles roof intact.

“Not only can Barrington Roof Tiles assist insurance companies in helping to reduce their claims, which is a real asset to everyone involved, but they are suitable for all types of weather,” Mr Hughes said.

Roof tiles from Barrington Roof Tiles have been manufactured in Melbourne for more than 12 years and are offered in two styles:

  • Barrington Slate Tiles
  • Barrington Roof Shingle
The roof tiles come with a 30-year structural and colourfast guarantee.

The roof tiles are manufactured from Torbex, tested by the CSIRO to the Australian Building Standards AS 4046-1992, and have an interlocking design with moulded water channels to ensure they will not distort or leak when installed correctly.

“Barrington Roof Tiles have been tested to the United States of America standards for hail resistance by RMIT University in Melbourne as there is no Australian standard currently in place,” Mr Hughes said.

“The test results confirmed what the manufacturers of Barrington have always known – that in addition to looking fantastic on all styles of homes, from heritage residences to contemporary buildings, the product offers exceptional durability and is an ideal alternative to slate as there is no maintenance involved and also a significantly lower price tag.”