Recently award-winning designer, Evo Dimov, used Barrington Roof Tiles in the design of his luxury 'Praire' style Melbourne home due to the range of benefits the roof tiles offered.

Dimov first came across Barrington roof tiles at a home design show and found interest in their flat slate look. Initially, Dimov was reluctant to pursue Barrington's roof tiles due to their polymer composite construction, however after learning of all the benefits these roof tiles offered he decided they were ideal for the project.

Inspired by the work of internationally renowned American architect and interior designer, Frank Lloyd Wright, Dimov's luxury 'Praire' style home harks back to the early 20th Century with its spacious living areas, simple building materials, low horizontal lines, sweeping rooflines and overhang windows. Barrington's roof tiles were the perfect addition to the project, providing a streamlined look.

Dimov selected the smaller of the two Barrington roof tiles due to their versatility and their fit with the low, 18 degree pitch of his house.

Dimov was very impressed with the result he achieved after installing Barrington roof tiles. In addition to their slimline look however, he was very pleased with the strength, lightweight and durability of the polymer composite and the low cost compared to that of natural slate.

Each Barrington roof tile has a 120kg load bearing so is easily walked over without experiencing cracking.

“Since my house was finished I have had many people comment on not only the unique architecture but also on the roof. I have recommended Barrington Roof Tiles to a number of clients and will continue to use it wherever and whenever I can,” says Dimov.