Barrier Security Products  manufacture and design safety and security products including bollards, barriers, forklifts safety, machinery guarding, pedestrian control, safety products, speed humps, vehicle and parking control, and visual warning signs.

Barrier Security Products have released their new product the ‘Slo-motion Compliance’ speed hump to the Australian and international market.

Slo-motion Compliance is a modular speed control system consisting of independent modules each 250mm long with rounded end caps.

Formally imported from China, now Slo-motion Compliance is manufactured in Australia to comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

Manufactured from a high tech ‘Linear Low Density Polyethylene’ with solid colour, the Slo-motion Compliance speed control system will not fade, rot, rust or crack and has built-in prismatic reflectors for enhanced night visibility.

The Slo-motion Compliance speed control system is suitable for car parks, schools, shopping centres, factory complexes or anywhere it is desired to control the speed of vehicles.

“It is great to have such a great quality speed hump manufactured right here in Australia,” newly appointed Business Development Manager John Watts quoted.

“I can see this product really going places with interest from all over Australia in its first few weeks of being released,” John Watts said.