With over 35 years of experience, Barrier Security Products aims to provide its customers quality security products and services in a professional manner. Barrier Security Products provides solutions by developing a new product, modifying the existing products or arriving at a solution by way of sourcing it from its international connections. Barrier Security Products believes in maintaining a good and sound relationship with its customers and hence all the customer queries are discussed in detail as and when required.

Barrier Security Products offers a wide array of vehicle and parking control products. Height bars, one of its products, has been designed to eliminate the damages caused in oversize vehicles. The suspended height bars in the entering areas provides safety. These height bars from Barrier Security Products are available in three standard heights and this product also comes with optional stand off brackets.

Gator heavy duty one way speed control system, another product from Barrier Security Products, helps in avoiding wrong way traffic and unauthorised entry and exit. This one way speed control system is strong and comes with a visible yellow teeth and red speed hump.

Barrier Security Products offers flexible bollards made of polyurethane, which comes in a bright orange finish for making it highly visible in roads. Theses bollards can be used in car parks and other such commercial areas.

The other vehicle and parking products offered by Barrier Security Products include plastic speed pumps, scorpion wheel clamps, wheel chocks and so on.