Suppliers of a wide range of traffic and crowd control products, Barrier Group , now have Event Fence portable barriers available, which are systems made up of interlocking free standing fence panels.

Event Fence portable barriers are strong, durable, and versatile. Users simply link the Event Fence panels together to create a continuous barricading solution for work sites, sporting events, parades, festivals, and concerts.

There are standard and heavy duty Event Fence portable barriers available. The standard duty Event Fence weighs approximately 16kgs, while the heavy duty event fence weighs 26kgs.

These Event Fence portable barriers are also available with optional forklift stillage to make the handling of large quantities of Event Fence panels simple and their storage more space efficient due to their ability to be stacked. Manufactured from steel and hot dipped galvanised finish, these forklift stillages are suitable for both the standard and heavy duty portable crowd control barriers.

Event Fence portable barriers can also become an effective form of advertising with Event Fence banners, also available from Barrier Group. These are double sided advertising banners made to suit the Event Fence portable barrier system.