Barnes Plastics  offers various civil engineering products. Thermalock, which is an insulation product, provides high performance insulation even for low performance vessels. This feature makes it usable even in extreme climatic conditions. Thermalock materials are non-toxic, non-fibrous and can be used for large vessel insulation purposes. The constant insulation thickness of Thermalock enables thermal resistance.

Barnes plastic insulation foams can be used when it is difficult to use a pre-cut pipe section and segments of these insulation foams are cut in such a manner that it can even fit large vessels.

Barnes Plastics also offers flat V-cut insulation that can be used in large vessels. The computer calculations enable to cut a series of V-shaped channels into sheets that facilitate the sheets to be bent around the vessels.

Barnes Plastics offers cavity cutting for EPS packaging. This cavity cutting offered by Barnes Plastics requires very less initial set up cost and is designed and serviced such that it matches individual requirements. The products can also be cradled in three-dimensional cavities by Barnes Plastics. The cavity cutting for EPS packaging is affordable and also ensures protection to the users.