Baresque Wall Coverings and Fabrics  introduces an innovation in modern architecture with the launch of real stone veneers in Australia.

Featuring a thickness of only 1.5mm - 2mm, the real stone veneer panels have been introduced into the Australian market by Baresque, a leading architecture finishes and furniture company in partnership with German company Slate-Lite.

Slate-Lite products have a real slate surface and light weighted back that allow architects and designers to use the range to give a real stone finish to any surface without the mass of traditional stone slabs.

JJ Blaiklock, managing director, Baresque explains that Australians are becoming more cost and environmentally conscious, resulting in greater demand for flexible products such as the Slate-Lite real stone veneers that enable designers and architects to achieve the stone finish look and feel on any project with a product that is less than 2mm in thickness.

He adds that the aesthetic appeal of the slate veneer combined with the flexibility of the light weighted back creates unlimited scope for application. Slate-Lite can be used for indoor cladding as well as furniture design in a range of projects such as office foyers, receptions, airports and universities.

Key features of Slate-Lite real stone veneer panels:

  • Adaptable, flexible and cost and environmentally-effective with only a light layer of stone used on surfaces
  • Can be fabricated using standard wood-working tools allowing easy, inexpensive, clean installation 
  • 12 different designs available including five translucent options
  • 100% natural stone surface
  • 2mm thickness
  • Backing made of natural polyester with glass fibre provides strength and dimensional stability
  • Environmentally cost-effective
  • Harder and stronger than slate tiles with the use of polyester resin
  • Easy to apply around corners and round objects
  • Flexibility of material allows completely new areas of application
  • Possible to lay directly on to tiles
  • German quality management