Baresque Architectural Finishes,  continues to provide progressive and innovative solutions for design and architecture with its new product release, Lightblocks.

Lightblocks is a patented custom coloured, resin-based material that can be specified to the exact thickness and translucency required for commercial, residential, hospitality or retail applications.

The variation of shade, pattern, depth, design and colour are infinite, making Lightblocks one of the exciting and versatile surface finishes available on the market today.

Lightblocks offers architects and designers the ability to specify any colour and any degree of translucency. The clear resin or frosted surface can be colour matched to any Pantone or Dulux colour with samples and panels produced in whatever thickness required.

This innovative surface is also available in many different metallic colours, offering designers a frosted mirror finish with the added benefit of durability and ease of fabrication.

Whether it is for table tops, partitions, screens, splashbacks or feature cladding, Lightblocks is the ideal product to link the interior and exterior designs. The Lightblocks resin is UV stable and is versatile enough to be used both internally and externally.

Lightblocks is fully-customisable and can be digitally printed and it provides a scratch resistant decorative finish, it can also be routed to enhance the products amazing depth and shadow. Due to its resin base, Lightblocks can be cold-formed on site or thermoformed into complex shapes by B A F’s specialised fabricators.

Lightblocks has a zero-emission manufacturing process and no gases or V.O.C’s are emitted from the finished product. In addition to this, B A F provides an end-of-lifecycle take-back scheme so that the Lightblocks resin can be recycled.