Barben Industries are the leaders in manufacturing high quality and stylish hardware for bathrooms and cabinets, and has developed a range of contemporary entry door handles including the BAH 135 and BAH 136. Both are made from solid stainless steel to ensure longevity and resistance to natural wear from frequent usage. Barben Industries will happily customise the entry door handles to suit individual project specifications.

The BAH 135 features a silver, cylindrical, triple curved handle with a 32 millimetre diameter. It comes in two standard sizes; the BAH 135A is 670 millimetres long and has a CTC of 380 millimetres, while the BAH 135B is 930 millimetres long and has a CTC of 635 millimetres. The BAH 136 comes in 21 different sizes, either 32 or 38 millimetres in diameter and between 400 millimetres to 2400 millimetres long.  This entry door handle features a straight, cylindrical bar with cone shaped fasteners.