The Bobrick single toilet roll holder, available from Barben Industries , features a heavy-duty cast aluminium bracket with a satin finish. Its moulded high-impact ABS spindle is equipped with retractable pin and concealed locking mechanism.  

As an anti-theft measure, the spindle can only be removed with a special key. This toilet roll holder holds one 2000 sheet toilet roll (152mm diameter). The Bobrick single toilet roll holder can easily be installed on a variety of surfaces.  

For hollow-core metal partitions, the installer needs to provide a solid backing into which sheet-metal screws can be secured. If two toilet roll holders are installed back-to-back, threaded sleeves and machine screws for the full thickness of the partition need to be provided.  

For partitions with particle-board or other solid core, sheet-metal screws or through-bolts, nuts, and washers need to be provided. For other wall surfaces, sheet-metal screws and fibre plugs or expansion shields, or 3mm toggle bolts should be used to fix the toilet roll holder.