Bar Systems  specialises professional beverage management products such as electronic spirit dispensers and beer monitoring systems for bars, clubs, hotels and restaurants.

Bar Systems offers electronic spirit dispenser called TAP spirit dispenser. This system can be used as a stand-alone spirit dispensing rack or can be integrated with most POS systems through a Master Control Box. The Master Control Box is a monitoring system which monitors draught beers, post-mix and coffee machines. This monitoring shows what has actually been dispensed during the sales process. The TAP spirit dispenser also eliminates the need for re-calibration since it is an electronically controlled spirit dispenser.

Beer Flow Meters is another beer monitoring system from Bar Systems which are used for stock control needs. This monitoring system gives accurate comparisons between stock readings and also helps in checking the amount of beer that is dispensed in the control unit. The flow meters of this beer monitoring system are connected separately to the control unit which monitors the amount of beer flow. Each tap's flow is then recorded separately to show which taps are used and which are not used. This system thereby helps in preventing pilferage and wastage. For cleaning these monitoring systems, a special cleaning mode can be set.