Domestic indoor bar stools from Bar Stools Gallery include crystal bar stools, glacier bar stools, chrome base bar stools, stainless base bars tools, jazz bar stools, saddle bar stools, scoop bar stools, scoop chairs, Venus bar stools and wave bar stools. All domestic indoor bar stools are made of swivel - gas lift chrome base stools.

Special bar stools from Bar Stools Gallery include Malloca bar stools, Roma-double bar tables and scoop bar stools.

Domestic indoor chairs from Bar Stools Gallery include moon chair, satellite chair and Zeb leisure chair. Indoor chairs are plastic moulded and fibre glass chairs which are available in red, black and white colours.

Commercial indoor barstools from Bar Stools Gallery include chrome frame barstools, leather-chrome frame barstools, vinyl barstool, vinyl leather-chrome frame barstools and wood-chrome frame barstool. Commercial indoor barstools are made of Italian chrome and vinyl leather materials and are available in low back rest and high back rest models. The stools are also available with 68 cm and 75 cm seat height adjustments and are available in black, white and brown colours.