Bamboo Jungle is the manufacturer and supplier of tropical design products. The products from Bamboo Jungle are handcrafted from natural and renewable resources. The manufacturing process of Bamboo Jungle takes place at its purpose built factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam. Bamboo Jungle selects its products from importers across Australia. Bamboo Jungle uses technologies and design sensibilities of the western world.

Bamboo Jungle is also involved in bamboo fencing and manufactures screens and woven bamboo ply. Bamboo Jungle makes high quality products and most importantly as per customers’ specifications. Bamboo Jungle has a mission to bring the resilience, natural strength and beauty of bamboo to indoor and outdoor living spaces. Bamboo Jungle is committed to quality and innovative design.

Bamboo Jungle takes environmental and social responsibilities quite seriously. All the activities at Bamboo Jungle are undertaken within its ‘Environment and Social Policy’. All processes adopted by Bamboo Jungle are managed to negate any harmful effects to the environment.

Bamboo Jungle is committed to continuous improvements in areas like air emissions, discharges to ground and water, use of natural resources, working to replace hazardous substances with non-hazardous substances and even more. Bamboo Jungle also takes up social works like no child labour and many more.